Three local varieties

Barnack Beauty

Introduced by Brown’s around 1870. This useful long -keeping dessert apple is said to have arisen in about 1840 in Barnack.

Peasgood’s Nonsuch

It was originally grown from a pip by a Mrs Peasgood when she was a child in Grantham, and brought with her when she moved to Stamford. It was introduced to public notice by Thomas Laxton in 1872. A large, highly coloured, juicy apple, good for cooking and eating. It became a very popular orchard and garden variety.


Arose around 1855 from a pip planted at Stamford Grammar School. Introduced by Thomas Laxton around 1880, this long-keeping cooker was popularised through Brown’s tree catalogue. Thomas Laxton introduced it to the RHS in 1872. The same year Brown’s paid £20 to the Peasgood’s to allow them to take scions to start commercial propagation of what was to become a very popular UK dual purpose apple.

All three are in our orchard. To find out more, or if you have an interest in tracking down old varieties, why not join us!


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